Beethoven was Weird, but at least he made music

Beethoven was Weird, but at least he made music


Around my house, we love music. I am a classically trained pianist and Beethoven is god when it comes to classical music. My opinion of course, however I am sure that many other would agree. I mean, I love Beethoven so much, I had his portrait tattooed on me. I would consider him an idol at the VERY least. Hudson loves classical music, and I can only hope that one day he learns to play piano, or viola, or the oboe, or to be a world famous conductor….. too much? Okay, we will stick with the basics. Really, he can do whatever he pleases, but I am not saying that I won’t send him towards the right direction.


Ignore my fat ass. I still had a lot of baby weight. 6.5 months later. oy…

It is proven that children who are involved in music are much better in math and problem solving skills. You can read here on the correlation between Math and music in children.

So, not ONLY did Beethoven bring us some of the most beautiful, soothing, serendipitous music ever, but he also brought up math grades across the nation. Simple math. Check it. Here is his biography on the Wiki.


This is the portrait I have tattooed

So while you are giving thanks this week with your family, speak up and say you are grateful for Beethoven, because he changed the world.


Plus, he had a pretty signature…. Image

Better than mine.. Since I have become a Franklin, I cannot find a signature of perfection and it truly bothers me.



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