Whoever said age is just a number is wrong….. It’s a word

Whoever said age is just a number is wrong….. It’s a word

One of my friends on Facebook had this title as their status and I found it quite hilarious!

This has been a beautiful day! Quite possibly the best birthday ever. I had a little time to myself today ( I know, crazy right?!) and I realized something. I have the most AMAZING people in my life. From my parents, hubby and children to my coworkers, friends and strangers. That’s right. Strangers. I had the most interesting conversations with people I have never met before in my life.

What was different from people I see any other day, you ask? Well, let me share. Today, I took half a day off of work. I decided to be selfish (it’s a personal defect of mine that comes out sometimes) and take some time for myself and justslow down! I know! Huge concept right? Seriously though, I have been so busy with work, school(getting ready for
Exams), home and all the animals that live there (that explanation is for another day), being a mother, and just trying to keep myself alive in all of the craziness. So, today as I walked out into the world when I left work, I stopped myself and told myself, “self, you are going to slow down, smile, and enjoy this day.” and I did just that! Instead of rushing around, I talked to the person next to me in line. Instead of rushing through the door, I held it open for the next person coming in. I went to see several friends just because I could. I slowed down. It was beautiful.

Perspective is a beautiful thing. If you stop and intentionally proceed with a smile on your face and in good spirits, you are guaranteed to have the best day of your life and I did just that. This 27th year of my life I have promised myself that I will allow nothing but beautiful days full of gratitude. What if we could all stop and change our perspective? The world would be an amazing place to live. I have so much to be grateful for, sometimes I just have to stop and remind myself.

Thank you ALL for such a beautiful day.


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