Yo! Can’t we just be happy??

Yo! Can’t we just be happy??

       So, for my New Year’s resolutions, I chose to be happy and organized. Sounds pretty simple, right? I am desperately trying to work on the organized part, but the happy part really isn’t all that hard…. It’s all about how you look at things. It is in the way you look at things.It is all about accepting things the way they are and working your way around them.
       As I walked into the office today everyone had their “I hate this place, I’m sick of
this job, it’s only Tuesday, woe is me, come kill me now” attitudes on already. People, it’s a beautiful day to be alive. Be GLAD you are alive, because we almost weren’t. I should have been dead about 27 times by now due to extremely stupid decisions in my adolescence.
     Maybe I’m being too optimistic here, but is it too much to just be happy that we have a job? That we were able to get out of bed and come to our jobs? Please make an effort to be the light in a dark place. One of my resolutions was to be happier. In everything. YES, I am exhausted. No, I do not just adore my job everyday. however, in all honesty, it’s really not hard. All I have done has been to  change my attitude a little and learn acceptance.
 “When I am disturbed it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation- some fact of my life- unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment.” BB pg 417
Today I choose to smile and be happy! How about you?

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