Influenster Palmolive Fresh Infusions Challenge

Influenster Palmolive Fresh Infusions Challenge

A few weeks ago I received the best gift a mom with out a dishwasher could ask for when I came home from work! I had a Influenster box at my door with THREE full size Palmolive Fresh Infusions bottles in it. The first thought was that they were awesomely packaged! Nice sleek bottles with nice (and pretty) bright colors! Next was a pretty important test, “do they smell good?” YES!!!! oh my goodness it was like washing my dishes with fresh fruits and herbs! The aroma lasted the entire time I washed my big sink of dishes.

And, drumroll, the MOST important part……. Does it clean? I had read mixed reviews with whether or not the fancy packaged dish liquid cleaned or not, and to my surprise, it really did well! It cleaned the lasagna mess of a two year old! Others have said it doesn’t get the grease off, but I like to go pretty liberally with my dish liquid, so maybe that is why it worked so well.

As an added bonus, (and one of the main reasons I have ALWAYS used Palmolive) it was great on my hands. Without a dishwasher, I wash dishes 2, 3, sometimes even 4 times a day, so it is important to me that the soap I use doesn’t dry out my hands, especially during the winter.

So, my ultimate thought on the new Palmolive Fresh Infusions Product? I LOVE IT!

I found it at Target for a bundle of 3 for $8.97 (click on the price to take you straight to it) and since the product is new, there are coupons everywhere for up to $1.50 off! You can go HERE for a $.50 coupon to start you off! My favorite is the Ginger White Tea, but they are all truly amazing!!! Thank you Influenster!


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